Homey. Shoggoth collective (Mirko Fabbri, Paolo Pennuti, Daniele Pezzi), 2005. 6:44. Video.

Cameras: Sony pd170 and Panasonic dvx100

Homey is an incomplete collection of evidence about the life of a middle class character, who decided, after the failure of a shared political utopia, to realize a private utopia building a country house for himself and his family in the mountains.  Homey is the pursuit of happiness in a comfortable family nest but this is not easily accomplished. The time of the narrative is the past; the texts/subtitles concern the protagonist’s experiences and desires: they are like personal notes, fragments of memories. The images are possible locations for relevant events in the protagonist’s life. In Homey every single element alludes to something else that can’t be seen because it is outside the shots.


Exhibition History:
Project Series-boot Substation, 2008, curated by Cecilia Canziani, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. With Mirko Fabbri + Daniele Pezzi.

DOMUS CIRCULAR, 2008, curated by Andrea Lissoni, Stadio Meazza di San Siro, Milano, Italy. With Mirko Fabbri + Daniele Pezzi.


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