Paolo Pennuti


Paolo Pennuti is an artist and videomaker living in Vancouver, Canada. His educational background is in Philosophy and in Visual Arts. Pennuti works primarily with video, sound and photography, combining visual and audio fragments recorded in a documentary style, shifting their meaning into a dimension suspended between fiction and reality. His works are the result of physical and theoretical journeys that explore interstitial spaces where apparently nothing is happening but residues of experiences are deposited. Pennuti has been exhibited in North America, Europe and China and has won a number of awards for his video works. Recent exhibitions include MACRO Museum of contemporary art, Rome, Italy; Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver; and Centrale Montemartini Museum, Rome. Festival screenings include 23rd Festival Les Instants Vidéo, France; Anemic Festival, Prague; Leeds International Film Festival, UK; and MIPDOC, Cannes, France. In Fall 2014, Pennuti will contribute a work to Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.


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