Paolino (sound piece I)

Paolino (sound piece I), 2012, 8:48. Audiowork.
In collaboration with Elisa Ferrari.

This work exits as a bookwork and two distinct audioworks.

Paolino is a fable written in 1906 by the Italian philosopher, Carlo Michelstaedter. In 1910, at the age of twenty-three Michaelstaedter committed suicide after an argument with his mother and before defending his University thesis on the philosophical study of persuasion and rhetoric in ancient philosophy.

We asked a child to read the fable of Paolino that had been previously translated in English. The reading was performed in the boardroom overlooking the Concourse Gallery of the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. The amplified voice of the child could be heard in the exhibition space. We were interested in adopting a fable that criticizes education for educational purposes — recreating different points of view of the same allegorical subject. Our intent was to question the way in which rigid systems of rules are established within pedagogical and metaphysical models employing the cinematic technique of the voice-over.


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