Paolino (bookwork)

10 p1  10 p2 10 p3

Paolino (artist book), 2012.
In collaboration with Elisa Ferrari.

This work exits as a bookwork and two distinct audioworks.

Download the full book: Paolino_bookwork_final

We asked six Italian children belonging to a Sunday English class to transcribe an English version of Paolino. We were interested in using a fable that criticizes education for educational purposes, recreating different points of view on the same allegorical subject. We selected images from the Picture File Collection of the Vancouver Public Library that comprises approx 1,000,000 clippings from magazines published between 40’s and 80’s. We chose pictures related to a stereotypical representation of childhood, education and family life over time. In our artist book, the readers can arbitrarily edit the images as well as add more images to our selection generating contradictions or coincidences with the text without following rational restrictions.


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